Gunsmith Services

Williamson Guns offers a variety of services including, general gunsmith services, custom finishes, and our specialty of restorations of vintage or damaged firearms.

No job is too big or too small. If I can’t do it, I will find someone who can.

Hot Salts Bluing:

A factory finish used on most older and modern firearms. Bluing isn’t a coating but a deep penetrating rust that makes the crystalline surface of the metal very hard. It can be done on a variety of finishes and textures. Steel and stainless can both be blued.

Price:  $300 for factory finish. Satin or flat is also available upon request. This price includes disassembly, cleaning surface prep, bluing, re-assembly, lube and function test.

Slow Rust Bluing:

Mainly used on double shotgun barrels because the barrels are held together with soft lead solder which melts at temperatures below that of hot salts. This method takes much longer (up to two weeks) to produce the correct amount of blue. This technique is a couple of hundred years old and still produces an awesome blue. It can be used to blue any regular steel. Not on stainless.

Price: $250 per set of doubles not including pit removal in heavily pitted areas.

Nickel Plating:

Decorative as well as functional, nickel plating has a long history in firearms finishing. The surface of the steel is polished to a master finish or bead blasted to satin or flat texture. The nickel is applied chemically instead of the old method of electroplating. That required an under coat of copper for the nickel to adhere to. Using electroless nickel requires neither copper under coat nor electricity. Other benefits include extreme wear resistance, it can be bent to 180 degrees without cracking or peeling, it can be welded and soldered with no distortion. Nickel plating requires very little lubrication and adds very little to the surface making loose fittings tight.

Price: $250-$350 depending on polish.

Titanium Nitride:

Three times harder than chrome and only 3 to 5 microns thick, this coating comes in a gold color but not soft like gold. It has the same lubrication properties as nickel plating. It looks great and protects against rust and wear. Another TiN coating that contains a little carbon is also available and is charcoal in color. Since the coating is so thin, fitting issues are non-existent.

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