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About Williamson Guns

Mike Williamson, owner/gunsmith, received his degree in advanced gunsmith services in 1990 from Yavapai College. Immediately after graduation he went to work for Detonics, which at that time, was based in Phoenix AZ. After they closed he moved to Iowa and started his own shop serving the rural community of farmers in the Oskaloosa area, and he has been providing gunsmith services ever since.


Williamson Guns specializes in the restoration of vintage or damaged firearms, and we take it very seriously. The decision to have your old or antique rifle or shotgun restored is a hard one. We understand that and willing to discuss the project at length. It is said that restoring a gun will devalue it somehow. To a collector who owns antique guns as investments, I can fully understand that concern. If it was handed down from grandpa and has bluing wear that shows his actual fingerprints that is something I would want to keep. As long as the customer understands that the gun will look near new condition. I will restore by removing all the bluing wear and pitting that may have occurred. All the scratches in the wood will be gone and stock to receiver fit will be brought back to factory finish. Worn and/or broken or missing parts replaced to bring it back to shooting condition.

To me, a gun shouldn’t just sit and gather dust but be used and cared for.